Clean and Compressed


This tube stays clean when overdriven by compressing. The effect is very fluid and natural. Offering a punchy, clean sound with diminished highs for rounder, smoother sounding trebles.

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  • This is the go-to tube for any amp that lacks punchiness.

  • The natural choice for tube compressors and mic pre's. Try it for mix down!

  • Bass players love this tube for its punchiness and round focused trebles.

  • Harp players love this tube for it's breath and tone.

  • Guitar players this tube is very popular to combine with a different tube. Guitar players often find this as a warm clean solution, or as a second gain stage tube for fattening up a distortion style tube in the preceding stage, really popping the pinch harmonics.

  • Recently adopted by one very big class A amp company with a reputation for very bright sounding amps using very bright tubes and favored by many metal players. If your new metal intentioned amp feels unexpectedly sluggish try a different tube than this for the first position! They went from one extreme to the other!!

  • Bass is notably fuller.
  • Offers the least treble of all the tubes

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