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Cranky's Amp Spray Solution is a specially formulated blend of environmentally friendly ingredients. Engineered exclusively for Cranky's, our proprietary formula has undergone extensive lab testing. The product of years of refinement, and field testing on some of the worlds most sought after amplifiers. De-oxidizing action restores material surfaces and slows aging. UV protection blocks harmful light rays and protects color from fading. Long lasting treatment. Cranky's Amp Spray Solution will make a visable difference on all amplifiers new and old. Cranky's Amp Spray Solution is the first and last step in caring for your amplifiers appearance.

For thirsty restoration work a single 2 ounce bottle will save: 5 amplifier heads, or 3) 4*12 speaker cabinets, or 4) speaker-amplifier combo amps with reverb tank bag, or 2) 4*12 speaker cabinets with 2 amplifier heads!

Satisfaction absolutely guaranteed or your money back, you pay only the shipping and return the unused product.

*Not recommended for use on cotton, wood, glass or water based paints. The product is not intended for ingestion.

OTHER USES include: guitar cases, ham radios, cameras, CD cases, be creative! Once you try Cranky's Amp Spray Solution you will want to find other uses for it and share it with others!

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Single 2oz Bottle, 3-Pack, 5-Pack

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