Deep & Clean, High Headroom, Very Low Noise


Solid. This tube is all about extended bass response, diminshed treble response. This tube has incredible headroom. The tone is very organic, woody - like an old tree trunk.
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  • Stand back harmonica players, bass players and audiophiles! This new tube out-shines everything for you guys.
  • This tube has such great low bass, bass and mid-range that you simply have to hear it.
  • It can take a HOT signal like a harp mic and still come up clean! V1 for harp, then if you want more dirt go to the next tube and further refine what you get from this.
  • If you want more detail down in the bottom of your hi-fi, I guarantee this tube will pull you in and blow your mind.
  • Do you want a more capable driver tube? If you feel you are getting unwanted distortion from the driver section of your amp then this tube offers you a bullet proof solution. Plus, great bass response in the driver allows the output tubes to deliver that instantaneous percussive program material - transients.
  • Incredible quality in this new tube. It is dramatically different sounding and works well when combined with other tube types.
  • Excellent tube for recording bass and guitar. Notably the single coil guitar outfits.

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