Tube Services

For decades I have let customers listen-test my preamp tubes in the shop. I am now offering this highly valuable service to everyone both in-person and through my online service!

In-Person Tube Testing

No matter where you buy tubes, you should have the ability to test them!

 Your amp will sound better and you will have saved time and money. 

Come on in and test yours today!


Online Tube Service

First learn how tubes affect your tone in our Preamp Tube Academy.

Then shop for Application Graded™ tubes using our Tube Tone Index™ to cook up a sound that is truly yours.


In-Person Tube Tasting

This specialized one-on-one service is performed on-site at Cranky's Repair Shop in Mansfield, MA

Price includes 2 Application Graded™ preamp tubes as seen on

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