Warm with Mild Compression and Early Distortion


Very musical qualities, far removed from the sterile solid state feel.
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  • The tube to balance the tone of a naturally too-bright sounding amp, a best-seller.
  • There is a unique increase in bass response, although not flabby.
  • Pushing the tube to distortion results in an full, rich, wondrously even tone with punchiness and more distortion than any other tube.
  • It is the combination of dark tone and early predictable onset of distortion that make this tube have such a balanced sound when driven hard.
  • The mild compression is just a bonus.
  • Private Stock performance level recommended for metal and hard rock.
  • A High Gain top seller, and dramatic improvement over factory tubes. Useful tone for recording situations. It will make you smile.
  • Good choice for bass players who want some grit, or a warmer tone without a lot of compression.

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